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January 18th, 2009

Why is Spiderman Dancing in the Salad Bar @ 08:25 am

I asked Denise this question yesterday while inside Kroger. I know I am back in the big city now. Also there was a man doing charactures, a juggler, and other craziness. Denise came over and we made sauerkraut, or at least we got it started. We should have it in a couple of weeks. She also helped me to decide that Teavana tea um not so special. I am suer it won't be the last of my crazy purchases.

I have the car completely legal now with all of the right stickers on it and everything. Huzzah! I won't be up for a ticket on that for another year. I dont' know why, but I seem to have a real mental block on this. For now I am good though. I also have had the second person to come out and price a new AC and heat. I think I am going to have to have it replaced, I really don't want to go through another really uncomfortable summer. I really hate having to do this, because it means for me, I may stay here longer in this house.

Anywho. Still settling back in and trying to get my life to some semblance of normal. I know I told Denise yesterday that I don't feel that I am quite there, I feel like I am at about 60% back to normal, it will still take awhile.

January 14th, 2009

(no subject) @ 09:45 pm

Last night I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends. We are all single, so we all brought parts of the meal, and alas we all had a great meal. I think sometimes being single means not always making up a full meal. We all laughed over the things that we call dinner. It was enjoyable discussing our dating experiences and what not. It is amusing that we all have fascinating tales, but I think I heard the best on so far, a guy one lady dated was on the run from someone who killed is last girlfriend in a las vegas hotel and chopped her into bits..... Oh nice.

Denise and I had lunch today. I don't think we have had lunch together on a school day since college. Nope there wasn't hot curry to make you cry, but the company was great just the same. We used to get cheap chinese food across from Sam Houston when we were going to school. Helping the 2nd person this week with a resume. My workload is very light, and if I can help someone out in their job search, that's great.

January 13th, 2009

I really don't wear black everyday @ 06:43 am

Stephanie and I went out to a pub last night. It had been awhile since we had seen each other. I didn't think this morning, and put on a chico's outfit and a scarf. Chico's is granamals for adults everything matches each other, and is often in the shade of black. So I got a couple of strange looks, and I said, hey I really don't wear black everyday. I wanted something warm and comfy, and that's what I picked out today.

Got my new TV last night, assembled it all by myself, I think its the damn cable that is off on the color. I am still missing greens and reds. I am going to keep that TV, but now I need to call the cable company about the color. *sigh*.

January 11th, 2009

No more tea for me! @ 06:43 pm

I am still reeling over that tea purchase. No refunds says the receipt. Geez. I will be serving up tea for quite awhile. Grrrr.

Went to Body Worlds today, that was cool. I think that man is demented, or I am. I don't mind looking at diseased body parts, but I don't really care for the weird posing of the bodies that is done. I would also advise one to eat before they go. You will not want BBQ, or a piece of steak afterwards.

Intervention is needed @ 08:21 am

So I stepped into the Gallaria for the first time in a couple of years. I hate to shop, I mean I really hate to shop. I hate malls. Typically I only go into the mall to go to a movie. So I went with some friends, made it all the way through and back and there is a tea shop. My current downfall. Prices really aren't listed at Teavana, I am thinking how much is tea anyway. Well there it is highly pricey. Ok, I make a decent living. I walk out of their 180 dollars later with 4, yes only 4 tins of tea. It is tasty tea. But did I realize their version of sleepy time tea was 55 bucks a can, no. That's enough to loose sleep over. Seriously, that's pricey. Thankfully I don't have too many vices lately. So if anyone see's me buy anything more than a cup of tea in a tea shop, just shoot me. I can't even fit all of the tea I own into my cabinets any longer. WTF!

Got my laundry done, and my bedroom mostly straightened now. I wished I could say more for other rooms in my house. I don't have every room like I want just yet. I am getting there, but it is slow going. I am having a couple of folks over Tuesday night for a single ladies dinner, so I need to get the living room into some more organized sense. I called Maria, and hopefully she will get me back on schedule.

One thing I was really struck by at the Gallaria was the blatant commercialization. We hear the economy is doing badly, but stuff seemed to be moving off the shelves there. It was crazy. And with 55 dollars for a tin of tea, I most likely got out of there easy.

January 8th, 2009

Tonight I pay @ 08:10 pm

Ok, so I got my wireless broadband thingy from work today, today I login to my desktop. First time since 11/06. I have my copykat email on there. 5000+ emails. Any wonder on how long that is going to take to download. Why do I need to be emailed everytime there is activity on my website? I am a sick puppy, or I don't know how to turn that off one of the two. Great one mailbox is done, yeah!

So I next week I am really going to try to ride the bus back and forth to work and see how that goes. This getting stuck in traffic for close to two hours is driving me nuts. I drive home wishing I had a cigarette and a drink. I really dislike the traffic. What I hate more than anything is getting behind a wreck and then by the time I get to it, it has cleared. I feel like I am pergatory or something, I shouldn't get so worked up about this but it is making me crazy.

I like the job. Nice people. It is so nice to work for a company that is in a growth cycle. I have been with companies that have been downsizing since 99. I hate lay offs, I have been impacted twice by them. They are stressful for those who get laid off, and those who remain. I can't say I mind the time off, but hey, I like a paycheck.

Email is downloading slowly apparently one person thought that when I didn't answer them immediately, they chose to email me quite often 10+ times a day or better for awhile. So if the first email doesn't get you a response write a lot more, that will help. I am going to regret having responded to that email many times over. I kinda have that feeling....

January 7th, 2009

Two get home @ 07:31 pm

I really dislike my commute. Tonight, 2 hours to get home. I am going to slit my wrists or consider taking the bus. I haven't decided yet.

January 6th, 2009

I hate traffic!! @ 08:24 pm

Sometimes I remember things that I liked about MI, while not many, one was traffic there. This morning I encounter 3 wrecks going to work, it should take me 45 minutes, today it look me 1 hour and 45 minutes. Going home 1 wreck so it took me just a measly 90 minutes. What a pain in the ass. Work is nice. The view is wonderful. My co-workers are really nice. I can't complain. It is hard getting back into the grind. I am going to work my way into moving my day to later in the day, I really just need to by-pass the traffic. NPR isn't the balm that tames the beast right now.

Deb came over for dinner tonight. She managed to fracture her knee and had been walking around undiagnosed until today. Poor girl! I don't think I would have had the patience that she had with that. I would have been in the doctor's office long before her.

It is nice but more difficult than I remembered going to work everyday ;-). I am going to crawl into bed early. The TV has normal color in the bedroom!

January 4th, 2009

Busy weekend @ 04:16 pm

I had a very busy weekend. I can't get over how isolated I think I was up in Michigan. Saturday I went out with Brenda for some morning shopping, a late breakfast, then a stop at a bar. A few hours later I went out with John, Liz, and Trey for a movie and dinner. So, very few things I miss in Michigan, cheap movies is one of the things I miss the most. Today I got together with my mother and grandmother, she is flying back to Missouri today. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a couple of things that didn't make it back to Texas. I went grocery shopping, which I don't want to do again on a Sunday, and then finished up bagging up some leaves that I had in the back yard.

I really think that in Michigan I could have spent the whole weekend without that much company. At this point I am looking forward to eating out less, and getting back to a regular schedule. I feel like I have been in free form for a couple of months now. While that has been the case, I kinda like a more normal routine.

Ordered a TV online, I hope it all works out. I am really annoyed about the color on my tv. No greens, no red. I did watch an old black and white movie, and it was ok. I think if I can get this TV out of the house I am going to leave it on the street on big trash day. I know someone will pick it up before they actually come to take it. It has always been fascinating on what people will take from your pile on big trash day.

January 3rd, 2009

I feel old and there is one thing I miss about Michigan. @ 11:38 pm

So I miss cheap movie theaters in Michigan. A first run movie 2.50, a drink 1.25, and a popcorn 1.25. Tonight I went to the movies with John, Liz, and Trey. 9.50 for the movie, and you know I have to have popcorn with a movie, and that means a drink, so that was another 8.50. It wouldn't have been so bad, but a bunch of junior high kids sat down next to us during 2nd half of the movie, and were talking and talking. So I felt compelled to tell them to move to shut up. It is just annoying to go to a movie, and then not be able to watch it for the activity of others.

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