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May 24th, 2009

Exhausted @ 09:58 pm

So I have been exhausted for the last couple of days. I think inbetween the final wedding festivities, relaunching the website, and running around for hospice, it has been really tough. I can't help but to snooze the last couple of days away. I am hopeful that after a couple of low key days I will get to moving again.

So the site, got all relaunched, and it seems to be going well. No major complaints, and I am hoping a better layout will drive traffic back to the site, and well working on the site again couldn't hurt either. I just love being able pre position content and then having it load up later. It is awesome.

I met with my hospice patient for the first time on Saturday. She is a lovely lady. We played some cards and chatted. I think it worked out well. I am hopeful she had a nice time too. I thought she was very nice, and I really love to hear older people talk about their lives and their life experiences.

May 11th, 2009

Getting tired of writting about recipes @ 08:31 pm

In the task of transitioning my website to a different platform I have been writting intro paragraphs about each recipe. Maybe not whole paragraphs, but several sentences about each recipe, and why it is spectacular. It is exhausting to write all of this. I only have 300 or more so to transition, and now I get to go back to the past 900 or so that I have already posted. I find it difficult to get worked up over each recipe one after another.

So we had a bachelor party this weekend. We did a day at the spa, went to Feast, then to the hotel with intentions to drink lots of wine. So, in theory this was ideal, in practice, I don't advise anyone to have major plans after they have been repeatidly being massaged. You just want to go to sleep ;-) We were all tucked in around 1 pm. It is hell getting older.

Ok, back to writing about more recipes. Yeah!

May 3rd, 2009

Totally Amazed @ 07:58 pm

I managed to spend the whole day at the house. That's pretty odd for me, and I can't tell you the last time this happened. I have been working on web updates, cleaning the kitchen out, and getting caught up on laundry. I am amazed that this weekend I did about six loads. Where do all of these clothes come from?

Went to see the musical "The Gold" last night, it wasn't too bad, but then the 2nd half of it really need some rewritting, and the thing as a whole needed some scaling back. It was nearly three hours long.

I made a round eye roast today. It wasn't bad. I had not ever bought that cut of meat before due to memories of my mother's swiss steak. A couple of things I have never had since leaving home, cow liver and onions (I like pate), swiss steak, and spinach out of a can. I would change a few things, but it will make for a decent lunch to bring to work.

April 27th, 2009

Sitting at the house watching crappy TV @ 08:02 pm

I ended up sitting at the house tonight instead of getting a massage. I started out and then streets were too flooded for a car. So I came back home and rescheduled. I am sitting here now watching some lame show on Vampires. It sucks, and I have seen it before. Zillions of channels and nothing to watch. The rain eventually calmed down for the most part. I am sure tomorrow I will be picking up branches in the yard that fell. My trees manufacture sticks, and lots of them.

So I think searching for a wedding dress basically sucks. I think it sucks if you aren't 25 and a size 6. For the last month I have went with a friend of mine on a search for a wedding dress. The bridal shops are scary, bright floral, and general weirdness goes on in there. Where do the nice dresses go? It isn't at the bridal shops, if you have seen my big fat greek wedding, well those awful dresses still exist. Then again, when I got married I picked a nice green dress out of my closet and got married in that. So you might say I am not predisposed towards the traditional wedding dress. They should serve cocktails in there, it would make the experience much nicer, along with larger dressing rooms, and chairs in the dressing rooms. That's what they should do.

April 22nd, 2009

Disgust at large businesses @ 06:32 am

So I went to a wine tasting last night. I the wines were ok, nothing to write home about. But I did find another person who was a casualty of HP. She had been with EDS for 20+ years, technical IT person, who is now looking for a job. I was laid off by HP a couple of years ago. The package is now *much* smaller, I was able to be a lady of leisure for about 5 months before I went back to work without it impacting me. There is another lady in the room who was also laid off by them.

I gave her the limited advice that I have about being laid off, I'd would follow up with one of the jobs that she posted for through a friend of mine. More and more I have been hearing about friends or people who know someone that has lost a job. It is disheartening.

April 20th, 2009

Sometimes life is ironic @ 09:50 am

So yesterday I threw this BBQ to partially celebrate my friends wedding. And then partially to address an issue with another friend. So what happens we have BBQ, my co-dependent self buys a cake, and I do a nice BBQ, and said friend does not show up. So life has its ironic intervention.

Also, note to self, I feel that I had too much red wine yesterday. I woke up with a shrivelled head. I am still liking the inkberry wine, but man, my head still needs to be hydrated.

We still had a BBQ that was good, and I didn't destroy the meat. I did leg quarters, chicken breasts, new york strips, and veggies. And everything turned out well. I am the person who did catch a brisket on fire before when I just got my grill.

Ok, time to sort out invoicing issues, and other goodies.

April 19th, 2009

Life is begining to return to normal. @ 08:48 am

So my points on this would be a friend of Michael's is now calling me several times a week and addressing me as "bad girl" and asking me if I want a spanking. Since he is married, this is par for course.

I also learned while not intentionally apparently men are mezmerized by red high heel shoes, ok, so yeah the shoes are cmf red, and they do look like a classy hooker's shoes. But, I never thought they would invoke a response such as some man chatting about my shoes endlessly, making numerous wizard of oz comments. I had always thought big boobs were enough to mezmerize them.

Ah yes! Life is slowing returning back to normal.

April 12th, 2009

Feeling accomplished @ 05:49 pm

I am feeling accomplished today. I have scrubbed out my pantry, which was a good thing, because there was something that may have been a long forgotten onion. I cleaned everything out washed out the food pantry with soap. I also managed to wash the refrigerator. When I moved in I really planned on getting all of this done, but I failed to do so. Now I just need to finish up cleaning the kitchen, it is still a bit of a mess from cleaning everything else up.

Yesterday was a unique day. Friday night, Chad had been in a bad car accident, and yesterday I went to a wedding a bit unexpectidly, he was the best man, and I wanted to make sure he went to the wedding. I am now a firm believer that you could randomly attend a wedding without being invited. Everyone is so polarized.

February 26th, 2009

Sitting in an airport @ 06:30 pm

I am sitting in an airport and I will be doing so for a long time. My flight has been delayed, and the weather is starting to get bad. I hate to see what time I will actually make it on the plane, I think it will be awhile. The lounge is jammed back, and there are a lot of people sitting on the floor. Thanks to a very kind man, I got a chair with a power supply. Thank God for itunes and podcasts.

I haven't enjoyed this trip tremendously it was unplanned, I think I am a control freak. I didn't have much spare time, and this has meant for me, a couple 15+ hour days, not necessarily working but getting back and forth to the airports. I did get a trip to my favorite tea store. So I have come home with a variety of really nice tea.

I thought the training was good, and it went well. So it was worthwhile.

February 19th, 2009

It's been awhile @ 09:17 pm

I am laying here watching bad TV, I have one of my cats attacking my feet, it happens to be the cat with claws so this isn't going well for me.

I have good news in that my house in Michigan is under contract. They want to hurry up and close. The house passed inspection just fine, and at least that is done. This is going pose a problem for me at some time and point in the future, I want to move into the 610 loop, and get out of kingwood. I have got to do something to this house to get it to sell, because obviously what I had going on last year didn't get it to moving.

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